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Linoleum in Stroudsburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton PA, neighboring Phillipsburg NJ, and the Surrounding Areas.

You have identified the ideal resource if you are looking for linoleum in Stroudsburg, linoleum flooring in Allentown, or linoleum in Bethlehem or Easton, Pennsylvania. And of course, if you live across the river in Phillipsburg, linoleum flooring is just a stone’s throw away.

Our company, Spectrum of Floors, has been serving members of these communities for many years, and we continually grow through the countless referrals that we receive from satisfied clients. We have a wide selection choose from, and we are constantly adding new products to our inventory as linoleum manufacturers upgrade their offerings.

A Host of Advantages

The linoleum flooring Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, Stroudsburg, and Phillipsburg homeowners and businesspeople can obtain from us provides a host of valuable benefits. This material was first developed during the 1800s, and it eventually became the most popular type of flooring in the United States. It is still highly desirable, but the products that are currently on the market are much different than the old-school linoleum flooring that they used back in the day.

One major advantage of modern linoleum is the durability factor. Many manufacturers offer 25-year guarantees, so this is the minimum lifespan that can be expected, but it is not uncommon for linoleum flooring to maintain its integrity for twice that long. It can stand up to a great deal of foot traffic, and it is water resistant, so you can use it in bathrooms, kitchens, and places where people with wet shoes and boots frequently walk.

Easy maintenance is another major benefit. There is a protective outer layer that is very resistant to scuffs and dirt accumulation, and it can be easily swept or vacuumed. Regular mopping with a mild solution will be enough to keep linoleum squeaky clean. It is an eco-friendly material because it can be recycled, and there are countless stylistic options to choose from.

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