Floor Tiles and Vinyl Flooring in Allentown, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Stroudsburg, and Nearby Cities

August 22, 2021

If you are thinking of renovating an old house, you should provide it with the newest and freshest décor ideas available in the market today. Nowadays, apart from appearance, the utility also plays a huge role in determining the interior decoration of a home. So, if you want to try out something new too, then why not go for floor tiles this time? Tiles are comparatively more durable than other flooring options and provide cooling even in the hottest summer months. Moreover, they are also available in a number of shapes and designs to suit different tastes of customers. However, with so many options available in stores today, it is but natural to feel overwhelmed during the selection process. For this purpose, trust our services at Spectrum of Floors. With highly skilled staff and affordable rates, we are the number one choice for tiling concerns in areas like Allentown, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Phillipsburg, Stroudsburg and much more.

Here are two of the most commonly used floor tiles for residential properties. Take a look.

  • Linoleum

Linoleum is definitely a favorite for most homeowners. What makes it stand apart is that it is one hundred percent natural. It is made from only environmentally friendly materials like wood flour, linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust, etc. However, there is no limitation to its designs and hues. In fact, it comes in more than 300 shades!

  • Porcelain

Another variety that you can choose for your home is porcelain. This is made from a very dense clay along with a few other natural components. Since it is wear-resistant, it can keep up its luster for a long time. Besides offering a lot of styles to choose from, porcelain tiles are also easy to clean and maintain.

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