Flooring and Flooring Installation in Easton PA, Phillipsburg, Stroudsburg and Nearby Cities

Spectrum of Floors is a recommended source for flooring solutions in Allentown, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Phillipsburg and Stroudsburg. They offer a wide range of flooring option including vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet and ceramics. They can help you choose the right flooring products and do the installation. Each flooring as its own pros and cons and it makes sense to consult an expert on the subject. Flooring is a big investment and something you will live with for a long time, so you want to get it right.Flooring, Flooring Installation in Easton PA, Phillipsburg, StroudsburgLaminate flooring has grown in popularity because it can mimic natural products such as hardwood and tile. In addition laminate is durable and able to handle a lot of traffic. Laminate is easy to clean and maintain and is cheaper than natural products such as hardwood. Laminate is also easy to install and if you a DIY type of person, you save money on the installation costs.

When it comes to natural warmth and richness, few things beat hardwood. Hardwood can make any home feel homelier. An important consideration when it comes to hardwood is the finishing. You can decide between a factory finish or on-site finishing. Factory finishing is more convenient, but you will need to select the right color. On-site finishing could enable you to get a more precise color match.

Carpet has always been popular and always will be. There are many options when it comes to style and design. Modern carpet construction also means carpets are more durable and some are even stain-resistant.

Ceramic tiles are great for bathrooms and kitchens because they are water and moisture resistant. Ceramic tile is versatile can also be used in other rooms.

There are many options and choices when it comes to flooring. The team at Spectrum can help you make the right choices.