Floor Tiles and Flooring Installation in Phillipsburg, Stroudsburg and Nearby Cities

Spectrum of Floors can help you with floor tiles in Allentown, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Phillipsburg or Stroudsburg. The specialize in various types of flooring including tile floors.  There are different types of floor tiles including ceramic, porcelain, marble and quartzite. Popular floor tiles include ceramic, porcelain and stone.

Floor tiles are made from natural materials such as clay, stone and sand. Glazed ceramic floor tiles as water and moisture resistant. That is why ceramic tile is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens.  Ceramic tiles are also stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Sweeping, mopping and wiping is all that is needed to keep tile floors clean and looking good. Ceramic floor tiles are tough and durable. A ceramic tile wont easily crack, but if it does happen it is relatively easy to replace.

Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic tile. The clay used in porcelain is more refined and purer. Porcelain tiles also offer more design options and flexibility. Porcelain is a popular choice for bathroom floors and is suitable for radiant under floor heating.

Tile floors also look great. They can add a majestic look and feel to any space. Tiles are no longer relegated to bathrooms and kitchens. They can be used to beautify any floor including living room floors, bedroom floors, patio floors and outdoor areas. Floor tiles have hard surfaces, but you can complement you tile floor with throw and area rugs in strategic places.

Floor tiles are also available at different price points, so you can find something to suit your budget. If you are looking for floor tiles in Allentown, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, Phillipsburg or Stroudsburg, the you should visit the massive showroom at Spectrum of Floors.